Sunday, June 27, 2010

How to make free website

Before we started, here is a few thing that you must have
1. dot. tk account or account or any free domain account
2. free hosting account, i suggest you to choose
3. wordpress template

now everything is set

Friday, June 4, 2010

How To Make Money From Home | Make Money Using Blog

Blog is powerful tools to promote everything. blogging is easy, most of people write their life story on blog.
since blog is easy to setup and free then it worth to monetize it. here is what came to my head when thinking about Make Money Using Blog.

1. Affiliate Networks,
promote affiliate product with a review on your blog. when your visitor buy the product you get commission. you can start with amazon if you using blogger since it's associated directly.
2. Pay Per Click
advertiser willing to pay big money just to put their ads on your blog. higher traffic you have than higher revenue. when your visitor click on ads then you get commission and advertiser get traffic that potential to convert into sales.
3. Pay Per Post,
you get paid for every post you made that ask by advertiser. you can start with webeserve

many ways that you can choose to make money using your blog for free, you don't need experience or any skill, all you need is "Know What Niche That Convert Well To Make Money From home".

Thursday, June 3, 2010

How To Make Money From Home | Combine Offline and online promotion

I have write about offline promotion, buy ads space on local news paper or local TV. Tell your friend and ask them, share freebie. You can do same way with online promotion.

You can use pay per click programm to start promotion, write article about your product and submit to article submission or blog. Answer some question on QA website that related to your product. Post video on free video sharing, write short ebook and upload to file share and many ways.

To make your customer (online or offline) trust, you need to setup landing page. Good landing page is the key to make sales. Make a really nice, clean, simple and informative landing page. No need to detail since we want they to buy our product, make them curious so they will buy since they curious.

Submit your product to clickbank, amazone or ebay. Let professional online marketers sale your product for free (you will only share your revenue when you got sale).
Join some social media like facebook, my space or twitter and add friend as fast as you can and start to post your product ads on it.

You can read this “Ultimate Facebook Monetizing Guide” on how to promote and make money from social media like facebook and download free bot to make your social media growth faster

How To Make Money From Home | Location

Why location so important, if you have i strategic location then it will help you a lot and reduce advertising cost.

Imagine your location in a place that many people walk in front daily. Compare with a hidden place so people hard to notice your business if you don’t tell them???

Get a strategic location to make your business growth faster and minimize advertising cost and of course big profit.

How To Make Money From Home | Branding And Packaging IDEA

Why branding and packaging???
Branding and packaging is very important , let’s say you have laundry business.
What do you think best brand for this???
Surely you will try to find something related like “Fast Laundry Service” rather than “Fast Cleaning Service”. Which one closest to your laundry service???
After you have a brand for your service, next you need to pack it. Laundry service identical with big washing machine so put it in front of your place. Put something related and when people pass in front of your place they will notice it even without read your advertisement.
Brand and package is the key to make your product or service popular and well known. don't think this not important. 
remember, "Love at First Sight". if customer fall in love at the first time with your product then they will buy no matter how expensive the product

How To Make Money From Home | Promoting IDEA

Now we have a small business that need to promote, promoting is key for make profit. No matters how is good or bad your product or service you won’t make money if you not promoting it.

Promoting a service or product is easy if we have huge money to deal with it. You can buy a space on local news paper, pay ads on tv or buy ads on search engine or any ads company. The purpose of this is to get some traffic and make your business more popular and the change to make money is bigger.

Let’s take a sample, you are a writer and finish your book. When you go to publisher they always reject you??? What should you do??? Give up or??? If you have big money, you don’t need publisher at all. You can print your book let’s say 50 pieces and give it for free and ask them to give some review. After you do this and get some review, you can start sale your book with very cheap price (pay for printing and packaging and take small profit, 1-5 % is ok i think).

The purpose is to make your name popular and credible, after you get some popularity you can start make a new book again and people will buy your book surely. Will be much better if your second book has a relation with first book so the buyer and the reader for your first book will buy your second book.
If you don’t have a money, you can start with your small community and make it viral. Here is the illustration,
  1. you tell 10 of people on your community about your service or product.
  2. Each person will tell to 10 people of they friends and so on.

Did you get what i mean, it’s viral and you only start with 10 people and could make thousand even million people know your product or service.

How To Make Money From Home | Business IDEA

if we type "How to make money from home " on google search engine the result is huge. and most of them are online.

Make Money From Home Online is ok if we have unlimited internet connection and skill about online marketing, but what if we don't have both??
are we hopeless to make money from home???

I don't think so, we still could make good money from home event offline. Online is just a way to get wide traffic and make our business bigger. But still we can start with small business.

here is what came to my head about idea make money from home :
  1. Write a Book, you can write about everything like tutorial, biography, novel. Anything that you think you can make and will make thousand or million people buy and read your book.
  2. Create a product, creating a product doesn’t mean you create a real product from zero point. You can do some modification from a product that you find at store, use your imagination and creativity to make it better and have a higher value and of course make money. For example, you got a blank t-shirt, you can add image to the shirt and make sale.
  3. Offer a service, let say you are musician and have a great skill on it. Become a music teacher is the best think that you can do. You can take a private class or open a class on your home (Make Money From Home). If you have a good reputation than won’t hard to get some student. This an example only, you can sale your skill and made a service since people need your service to solve your problem. Some idea is laundry, swimming pool cleaner and many others just be creative and of course you can hire some expert to do this and share your money and yes you are make money from home.
  4. Become distributor, some times big company need a distributor you can offer your space at your home and join with them.
  5. Write article and post on news paper.

Make money from home not only make money online, explore your environment and find some opportunity base on your skill. Don’t worry, if you can start this than you can start your own business and in next few month make it bigger